Corporate Health Promotion

Specific Health Promotion with Quantum Physics


In the media burnout is already considered the #1 Disease of the 21st century and scientists call it the Age of Depression. A sad situation because such syndromes appear mostly in people who are strongly committed to  their job. First signs of physical and mental fatigue are usually ignored by many employers for a long time. When stress on the job and mental strain increase alarmingly body and soul collapse.

The German Health Insurances are alarmed. Numbers of the BKK Federal Association confirm that sick days of employees have increased by 18 times over the last 8 years. The TK Insurance company published explicit statistics in their Atlas of Depression 2015. Sick notes for psychological illnesses show an extraordinary increase. From an average of 14,8 sick days per capita one fifth can be allocated to illnesses such as depression, fear and stress disorders. Also the amount of prescribed anti-depressants has risen sharply.


An intensive consultation with a deep look into all levels of the corporation is advisable to many company owners and employers in general. Such a service can not be provided by the classical business consultancy firms because the roots of most problems are usually found far from balance reports and sales forecasts.


With the help of quantum technology influencing factors which interfere with the working environment as well as with the physiological and physical wellbeing of employees , can be observed and analysed precisely.


mwt-business-physics promotes specifically the latest scientific findings of quantum physics for business consultancy and thus harmonises all energies, which occur at the workplace. Together with the entrepreneur weak spots of the company's processing and the HR department may be detected and subsequently harmonised and optimised. There are no risks or side effects but positive impulses with long term effects. The business consultancy has many years experience with this method and guarantees 90% success. Noticeable improvements can be observed already within the first three months.


Some courage and openness towards new technological methods are the prerequisite for successful changes. The reward for these efforts are efficient, content and healthy co-workers, who enjoy their jobs and a smooth work environment.



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