Business Consultancy with State-of-the-Art Quantum Technology

In our Business Consultancy department , which has become our major field of competence, we work with the Zero Point Field of our clients' companies or organisations.  This method to work with fields of energy derives from quantum physics and was tested extensively  for many years at the Stanford-University in the USA and received substantial  scientific support.
Each department, each unit and even each project and process in your company possesses its own field of energy. These fields of energy are analysed  via our computer based system and then informed anew in order to increase the efficiency and efficacy of  each department  of your enterprise selected by you .


With special focus on the owner of the corporation, the GM, partner or manager in a leading position we  are able to clearly  link the success of the company to the person in charge.


A direct radionic support of the leading person of a company has very positive effects on turnover and the creative development of an enterprise. Below you find a listing of departments which develop positively when impulsed.

● company owner in all business and private matters
● realisation of planed sales figures
● support of singled out departments
● search for qualified personnel
● development  of innovative sources
● energetic market profile
● influence of customers feed-back
● increase of team spirit and motivation among staff
● rise of energy levels and efficacy of conferences , their venues  and work stations


Traditional  business consultancy has reached its limits. Already Albert Einstein knew that problems can't be solved with the same methods they have been created by. We make use of the findings of quantum physics and achieve significantly better results for our clients' enterprises


Success in tune with nature!                                                                       



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