Bold change of direction for sustainable success of your enterprise with the latest development in quantum physics

Unrecognized by most people Quantum Physics became an integral part of our lives - one third of the German GNP is based on it's achievements. Without glass fibres today's telephony, internet and touch screen computers would be unthinkable, and many internal medical problems can only be made visible with MRT. All these inventions are achievements of quantum physics and many more. But what does that mean for your corporation?


An entrepreneur who wants to be not only  successful but ahead of his competitors within the next 10 to 20 years, focuses more and more on integral management, which means effective and organised  activities move the single person into the centre of  attention in situations where very different and unpredictable people work  together.  This consciousness oriented management idea  requires always the conscious efforts of management and always includes the conscious involvement of the user. (Andreas Mascha). With quantum physics the same approach is required.


Each person, each plant, each animal on this planet but also each building, each item and each organisation, possesses it's own field of energy in which  his/it's complete information is stored. Via these field of energy which we call the Zero Point Field, the enterprise is being analysed , from the top management through all ranks of staff, which results in increased self organisation of  human resources and develops a homogenous and integral  frequency which leads the enterprise in a very short time to sustainable success.


The corporation's philosophy integrates into the whole structure and is experienced by all members of the corporation with appreciation. Automatically the outer world recognizes this change and directs it's attention to that company which then results in increased success.


Already many enterprises, organisation, athletes and artists improve their performance with quantum physics.



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